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Newark - Buy Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit (PS,Case)

Instruction Manual for Starter Kit

Newark Raspberry Pi 4
Faster Processor, More Memory (for more $), New version of Raspbian (Debian Buster)
Looks like Aug.1st ship for some models - Check stock for Avail.

Buy RPi 4 Desktop Kit Direct

Video: Review of Raspberry Pi 4 including Desktop Kit

Digikey - RPi 3 Starter Kit (Has PS,Case,Kbd,Mouse,Adventures Book)

Amazon - Adventures in Raspberry Pi Book


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RPi Foundation Tutorials

Getting Started Resources - SparkFun

MagPi RPi Magazine

ModMyPi - RPi Hardware vendor

SparkFun - Parts for Maker Projects

Adafruit - Parts for Maker Projects

DFRobots - Parts for Robot Projects

Pololu - Laser Cutting Service